Back away from the “tweezers!!!!”

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Back away from the “tweezers!!!!”

Ok so I have gone to write this post so many times but the words are just not flowing. I’ve decided this is because I’m a beauty therapist not a writer and have always been better at practical then theory.

It’s is very hard to explain how I shape and make over eyebrows, I just do it! Maybe I need to go on an eyebrow tour one day so I can show you how I would shape and enhance yours? ha ha.

The first thing I tell my clients is to throw away the tweezers, there is nothing worse that waxing someones eyebrows and there are little black dots, which are hairs not long enough to get out. This can happen from tweezing or having you brows done too often. I will only allow clients to come every 4 weeks + to ensure the hair growth cycle is even and will leave them with a clean result.

When shaping eyebrows it is really not hard, all you need to do is follow the natural shape and just tidy up the strays. The less you have taken off the better, I love thick defined brows and it’s less maintenance for you.


If you are not sure how to tell your beauty therapist what you want take in a picture. We always do it with our hair so why not give them a clear picture of the result you are wanting. This will allow you to discuss growing them out, tinting and they can also show you how to pencil or powder your brows. This is a must and I will do a full post on “how to” and products I recommend.

These are some of my favourite eyebrow inspirations, some thick and natural and some more defined, with sharp definition. You should choose something as close as possible to your natural shape.


Full brow


Eyebrow Inspo

perfect-eyebrow lady

I often get asked if I recommend waxing or threading. I use wax because I am not trained in threading but this is something I would love to learn to have the option for my clients. Threading gives a very clean precise and sharp line which I love. I also feel the shape they create is amazing and don’t tend to take them too thin. (More on Threading v Waxing coming soon)

Don’t be afraid to grow them out and start again, I had to do this as mine were over waxed so much one time I looked like I was terminally ill. It is a long process and I still have a few gaps but thats where the brow powder comes in.

A tip for growing them out is using concealer to cover the hairs in between appointments.

Your eyebrows are the most important feature on your face, if they are wrong every thing is wrong. The frame and define you eyes and also are there to show expression, no-one wants to look, surprised or angry all the time.

Here are some celebrity eyebrow makeovers, Gwen Stefani is my fav eyebrow comeback! It just goes to shoe you can grow them out!!



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  1. Hi Kylie, Its Justine from Kindy.
    Just checking in on your website or saw this article and LOVE IT. I need so much help with my eyebrows. Dont laugh when you see them next time ( im sure you have already noticed how bad they are) but i truly need you to help me grow them out and start all over again. Need to bring the bush back!! only for eyebrows-not other parts!

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