Different baby, different birth – Macy Rose

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Different baby, different birth – Macy Rose

When they say all pregnancies are different, all births are different and all babies are different, they’re not wrong. I’ve now had three kids and from start to finish all have been totally different.

Unfortunately from 25 weeks with Macy, I started dilating from the inside out (cervical funnelling). This meant I was on bed rest for a few weeks and had to take it easy for the rest of the pregnancy. Being on rest with two other children was very difficult, however fortunately we have a fantastic support network in my Mum and Dad. We had many false alarms along the way, so it’s fair to say when I got to 37 weeks I was both relieved and over being pregnant.


My husband retired from AFL football on the 23th June 2014 and Macy arrived two days later. That was one busy week!!!!

After Jonathan’s press conference to announce his retirement we drove straight to my OB’s rooms for a check up. That night I woke up with strong contractions, but they weren’t regular and settled down by the morning.


During the day I had a slight show (bleeding) and had Braxton Hicks that would come and go. Jack (our two-year-old) wasn’t well and with his history of Febrile Seizures, I was concerned. My Mum and I took him to John Flynn ER to get checked out. While in the waiting room, my contractions started getting stronger and were about ten minutes apart. I went up to the counter and asked how long it would be before we would see a doctor as I thought I was in labour. It was funny seeing the look on the ladies face and she responded with “Who’s in labour?”. She couldn’t see my tummy behind the counter. They had a nurse check him over and he checked out ok so we took him home.


I had put corned beef in the slow cooker that morning as we had Jonathan’s managers (Ned and Sal) coming for dinner. When we got home I decided to lie down, time the contractions and see if they would stop once I was off my feet. I called the hospital and I said I would keep them updated. Ned and Sal arrived for dinner, when I told them I was in labour, they couldn’t believe how calm I was. They wanted to leave and Jonathan to take me to the hospital but the contractions were still ten minutes apart so I knew we had time to have dinner.


I kept getting up from the table and walking around each time a contraction came, Sal offered to rub my back because that’s what she’d seen in the movies – ha ha! She doesn’t have any children and could not comprehend why everyone was so calm and why I wasn’t in an ambulance on the way to the hospital. Third time around, I felt like I knew what was going on and could read my body better this time.

To keep my mind off everything while they were all having dinner I went had a shower, put makeup on and did my hair. Dad poked his head in the bathroom to see if it was another false alarm and said “What are you doing?” I was getting ready for the after birth pics. Is it bad that I wanted to look nice? My photos after Olivia was born I looked like a different person, however it also depicted what I had been through. This labour was starting off nice and peaceful so I was keeping those positive vibes coming.


By about 7pm my contractions were about seven minutes apart and I may have put a on glove and checked if I was dilating. I could touch Macy’s head so I figured it was time to go. I came out of the bathroom and announced it was time to go and that I thought I was about 3cms dilated.


Mum: “How do you know that?”


Me: “Because I checked.”


Mum: “I wondered what you were going to do with that glove”


Me: “Yup, I could touch her head. Let’s go Browndog.”


Jonathan: ” So I don’t have time for another serve of Corned Beef ?”


Me: “Ah no get in the car, unless you want to deliver this baby at home”


We arrived at the hospital around 7:30pm and like I predicted I was 3-4cms dilated (I should’ve been a midwife). I walked around and breathed my way through the contractions. I wasn’t making any noises and felt very in control, the midwife was very surprised when I asked for an epidural at about 10:30pm.


Yup this is me peace and pouting in active labour, oh how I love epidurals!!!


I knew I was coping well but I know how quickly things can ramp up, this calm environment was how I wanted to bring our baby into the world. After my experience with PND after my first baby Olivia, the trauma was something I was afraid of and I knew I could control. Jonathan kept leaving the room and making phone calls and taking phone calls, I was a little suss on it but he said it was just the family checking how everything was going. I was to find out the next day that Jack had another Febrile Seizure and was taken to hospital with my Brother. I felt guilty for not being there, everyone thought that was strange but he’s my little man and I always want to be there for him, I’m his mum.


In went the epidural and I had a bit of a sleep, I was still only at 5cms and thought it was all going very slow. I told Jonathan to go into our room for a sleep and in that hour he was gone I went from 5-10cms. I thought the epidural was wearing off because of how intense it got but it was just because she was coming down so quick. Mum went and woke Jonathan up and it was game on. My OB told me to do my thing and after 20-30 minutes of pushing I delivered our little girl myself. Dr Singh guided me and I did it all, the feeling of being the first person to touch your baby and bring them into the world is incredible and something I will never forget. If you feel up to it I highly recommend it to any mums to be.

This is a very special moment I will never forget, delivering my baby girl


Jonathan, Macy and I with the incredible Dr Singh. (This photo always makes me laugh, he looks like a little possum sitting on my shoulder ha ha

When Macy was delivered like Jack she wouldn’t cry, after a bit of oxygen and the doctors checking her over she was all clear for more skin to skin with me. Knowing Macy now it’s just her personality, she never cries and is such a chilled out little soul. Due to Macy coming out so fast she developed a condition called Facial Contusion, this is like a bruising on the face from the pressure of a speedy delivery. She was also jaundice and had a choking episode in hospital, which was very scary to see her rushed off and taken into NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit). Once again she was all cleared and just monitored for our time in hospital.

Olivia and Jack meeting their little sister for the first time.

Olivia and Jack meeting their little sister for the first time, Olivia is very protective xxx


Having three children under the age of five is intense and busy but I am fortunate that I have so much help. If I had to do it on my own I know I would work it out but my Mum, Dad and Brother have been incredible and I appreciate everything they do for us.


I am still so fascinated by all things pregnancy, labour and delivery so if anyone needs a support person for the delivery room, I am available. Thinking of becoming a Doula, then I can be a part of it all. I couldn’t be a midwife because I could never give someone a needle or do stitches – Eeek!


Three children completes our family, although I am sad this is it for us I just couldn’t go through another pregnancy. The illness, the threat of an early delivery and having the time for our other children is something that I’m not willing to risk. We are so fortunate and grateful to have been blessed with three beautiful children, this is what I am thankful for everyday.


KB xx


Ps. Did I or did I not eat my placenta? Post coming soon.



  1. Beautiful post honey! As I come around the corner to my 33 week mark of our second child, it’s been a pregnancy full of anxiety and stress. Our first, Evie, came 7 weeks early for no medical reason other than she just couldn’t wait to come into the world. We are also seeing Dr Singh this time round , something I’m so grateful for. To date I haven’t really wanted to think too much about the baby, something I’ve learnt after talking to a lovely lady who specializes in PND, is just the result of my brain going into survival mode in case the baby did come early. So thank you for your post, because after being through a labour where everything was out of our control, it was exciting to think about what could be…… What hopefully will be. X

  2. Julie, I think you are amazing! I wish I had had this blog to read when I had my daughter 8 years ago. I too had pnd with her and a very traumatic labour. 2nd time with my little boy I too chose an epidural (I still wasn’t as calm as you but my labour was much easier) cut a long story short, thank you for sharing your life. You are in the public eye yet are still a normal natural loving family doing everyday things… Xx

    • Kylie ^^^^ silly predicted text (sorry)

  3. Love this kyls! Still cant believe Macy is the 3rd. I remember eating pizza at you on game days preggo with Liv! Hope youre well x

  4. AMAZING. Is there anything you cant do??i will never trust you around a pair of gloves again.Photos are just beautiful.XX

  5. Love the read Kylie. Dr Singh delivered our triplets- he is amazing!! X

  6. Beautiful post, like you I love a labour story, thank you for sharing yours

  7. Thank you for sharing Kylie. I’m 39+5 days with my first and couldn’t have read this at a better time. Great insight

  8. Such a great post. Congrats on the safe arrival of Macy! Having just given birth 8 days ago (baby number 2) I really understood your want for a “calm” birthing environment & wanting that epidural. Being able to choose how we want to give birth is such an individual decision & that’s what I love about our health system- that we each have the choice to do what’s best for us and only us. I had a doula for my first birth and it was a great experience and definitely made the unknown a little bit less terrifying!!

  9. Laughed out loud about the glove comment! So funny. The birth of my son was quite traumatic and I was terribly and crazily depressed afterwards. I often wonder if we have another whether I’d be better off having an epidural. All that trauma just doesn”t seem right for what should be such a precious time!

  10. I loved reading your blog! Xx

  11. Wow. I am 7 months along with my first and its so nice to read a calm story about birth, even if it didn’t go quite to plan. Makes me more excited to meet my little bubba!
    (PS Kylie I would love you to be my doula. My husband works away so my only nerves are that he wont make it back in time!!)

  12. I have just stumbled across your blog and loved your story of your birth. I too suffered very bad PND after my first birth, and totally agree with all births, kids and pregnancies being different. I hav four children,four births and every single one different!!! And thankfully only minor PND with second and nothing for the last two. Although I can’t say that I don’t feel like I’m drowning at different times of life! I’ll be tuning in to read more of your blogs. Thank you.

    • Wow. Your reply I could have written word for word through my own fellings and experience. Love it!!

  13. Love reading your pregnancy and labour stories! It’s truly Amazing how different they always are

  14. Kyles you r so beautiful. It’s 3:30 in the morning and I can’t sleep so I looked up johnathon brownes wife. (Im a chrissy Sam and browny addict 🙂
    I stumbled across your blog. Oh my god! I cried reading the whole thing. Can’t wait to read more.

    You are AMAZING! Can’t describe how impressed I am by you. Great work with the way you have handled everything!!! I’m so glad johnno has such a beautiful lady like you and your kids are adorable. I have 4 kids myself so very too but geez they are great people. How lucky are we.
    LOVE you kyles.
    Mel. Xxx

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