Here we go again…

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Here we go again…

Just because we thought our life wasn’t busy enough, ¬†Jonathan and I decided it was time to have another baby. To our delight Baby Brown number 3 is due in July. We are all very excited especially Olivia, who is convinced she is getting a baby sister this time and regularly argues with Jonathan as he keeps telling her it’s a boy. Either way I know she will be the doting and protective big sister she is to Jack.

Jack on the other hand is a Mummies boy and a bit of a sook, he will probably take a little more time to adjust to the new addition. When they are older it will be great, they will be only 19 months apart.

So as much as I am very excited the last few months have been really tough!! Morning sickness is awful, I have a constant hangover without the party and caprioskas the night before. From about 3 in the afternoon I go downhill at a rapid rate, sometimes I have to get up in the middle of the night and eat a banana or a vegemite sandwich because I feel so ill. I had the same with Olivia but it was 24-7,at least I’m getting a little relief this time. It’s definately a struggle with a 1 year old but looking at Olivia and Jack I know it’s all worth it.

I’ve just hit the 14 week mark and I thought I would share my highlights so far- some good, some bad and some funny.

– Doing the pregnancy test 4 days before I was due and getting a positive result.

– Telling Olivia she was going to be a big sister again (She’s been asking for a while)

– Spending our family holiday in Yamba bed ridden and going back and forth to the chemist to get different medications to try.

– Not being able to go in the kitchen when anything is cooking without dry reaching.

– Changing Jack’s dirty nappy, first thing in the morning even before breakfast (argh)

– Sitting in the kitchen in the middle of the night eating to try and stop the nausea, I feel like my dad who has midnight snacks.

– Having the 13 week scan and seeing a healthy baby dancing around.

– Olivia’s face when I showed her the ultrasound pictures, melts my heart.

But my personal favourite, after going out for ice-cream I felt really nauseous on the was home, I had been leaning over a plastic bag concentrating on not being sick, As we drove in the front gate I said to Jonathan “can you get the kids out of the car please, I have to go straight to the toilet.”

JB’s response “Yeah no worries, can you just turn the sprinkler off on your way through”

Full of sympathy my Browndog ha ha

KB xx


  1. Congratulations Kylie, hope everything goes well, hope you are doing well! All the best for everything.
    Congratulations again too you and Browny!!

  2. Another wonderful read xxx

  3. Huge congrats KB & JB . . . sprinkler gold LOL xxxxx

  4. Kyles, u r so great! Browny is a pissa! I wish I had your family as friends. You sound like so much fun!!

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