It’s a GIRL!!!!

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It’s a GIRL!!!!

We are happy to announce we are expecting a baby girl in July!!!!


This is the first time we have found out the sex, although we didn’t need the Dr to tell us, Olivia has been convinced she is getting a baby sister from the beginning. We are all very excited but I definately think Jonathan has sprouted a few new grey hairs since finding out, especially when the Dr told us she had really long legs ha ha. I know that when the girls start dating it will be very similar to the scene from “Bad Boys 2” where Martin Lawrence and Will Smith interrogate and terrorise the poor kid taking Martin’s daughter out on a date. If you haven’t seen the movie it’s a must watch for fathers with daughters.


Our little princess is developing beautifully and has passed all the tests to date. The last few weeks I have experienced my favourite part of pregnancy, feeling my baby move. Fortunately the morning sickness has eased and I am good more than I am feeling bad.

My highlights from 14-22 weeks

– Morning sickness subsiding

– Buying a second cot only to have Jack climbing out of his cot a day later. (A 15 month old in a big bed is not ok) Tried everything to keep him in but he is the master of climbing!!

– Feeling our baby girl kick for the first time.

РBeing a guest speaker at the Growing Hope Luncheon, as part of my role as  PANDA ambassador ( ) and in support of Peach Tree ( peach ). I shared my experiences with Post Natal Depression.

– Most importantly seeing the look on Olivia’s face when we told her she was getting a baby sister. A special moment we will treasure.


Until next time

KB xx

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  1. Congratulations Kylie.. that’s wonderful news! Another little princess to add to your family. I’m loving the photos you are posting on Instagram.. (I gram as nuclearnickers). I have all my fingers and toes crossed for you.. xo

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