The Good the Bad the UNspoken of Social Media

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The Good the Bad the UNspoken of Social Media

Social Media, the most effective form of marketing available. What other way can you connect with 100’s, 1000’s or for some, millions of people in a split second and not pay a cent???

There is no way I would’ve started a blog if it wasn’t for social media. For me to notify people that I had a new blog post up by emailing or texting, would take forever and even then I would only be reaching the people I knew. My initial blog post received thousands of hits, ended up on the front page of the Herald Sun and featured in every newspaper across Australia, all because of social media.

When you are launching a new business, a social media profile is one of the first things you should think about. I guess it’s word of mouth in a faster manner. Jobs have been created just for social media, companies will employ someone or a few people just to concentrate on keeping their social media profiles up to date and growing.

We have a lot of family interstate so when I post updated pictures of the kids, it makes our family and friends feel like they aren’t missing out and I love looking at all my friends and families photos too.  Some people make Facebook pages to keep loved ones up to date on a trip overseas. A status update, photo or new tweet can reassure family and friends that you are having a great time and more importantly you are safe. Weather you use it for business or pleasure it is a very easy way to keep in touch with everything and everyone you want to.

Makeup tutorials, designers, recipes, new products, book recommendations, support groups, inspirations for any category, whatever it is you are looking for you will always find a page to follow on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and more.

Above are the reasons we join social media, better still it is why it was created.

But how can something so great be so toxic, damaging, create insecurities and bring out the worst in people. Because we are too busy wanting what others have, wanting to do what everyone else is doing and we never take to time to appreciate what we have.  We want to be skinnier, better looking,  more successful, we want the latest clothes, a new car, I guess a different life. It is healthy to have goals and dreams but putting someone down who had achieved these things is very unhealthy.

What you have to remember is Instagram, Facebook and the rest, is it’s just a snap shot of our lives.I posted a photo a while ago of what I was wearing at the time. I had just been down to feed the chickens wearing, a hoodie, 3/4 leggings, my dressing gown, socks and thongs. Everyone had a good laugh at my pic and most commented this looks like what I wear everyday in winter. I dare you to post a pic when you are not looking so great and write a funny caption, you will be surprised at the response, you might just make someone feel good and normal.

Some people it’s not even their lives, they create fake profiles and pretend they are someone else. It’s happened to my husband heaps of times until it really bothered me, so I wrote a personal message to all of the fake Jonathan Brown’s on Facebook. One guy had really inaccurate information about Jonathan and was writing status updates pretending to be him and saying things that could be damaging to his reputation.

I simply wrote – Why are you pretending to be Jonathan? He doesn’t have Facebook or any form of social media and I know this because I’m his wife. Please delete this now or it will be deleted.

His response – Oh sorry Mrs Brown, it’s just a bit of fun, calm down.

Seriously???? What is fun about that? Is he doing it to make himself feel special? To pick up women? If so what are you going to do when they want to meet with you?? I don’t see any gain in posing as someone else. Old mate needs to get a job and a life cause he has far too much time on his hands!!

FOMO (fear of missing out) Anyone else get that from checking Instagram or Facebook? I know I do. I see friends out together and immediately think, why wasn’t I invited?? If you catch up with someone do you really need to invite your entire group of friends, just for coffee? I have even had the stupid thought that I don’t get invited anywhere anymore because I have kids, ridiculous!!!

What about the awkward moment when you see someone “in real life” you are friends with on Facebook even like and comment on their photos at times but pretend you haven’t seen them because you have nothing to talk about. So why are we friends on Facebook? Has everyone turned into social retards? Is the only way you can communicate with someone through a “like’ or a “comment”.

The biggest thing that upsets me is the negative comments, didn’t your mum teach you anything? Mine sure did “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all”. I never have understood how someone can write such awful comments like “You need to eat a burger” or ” you look disgusting”, I just read a comment on a pregnant woman’s photo saying “that baby is going to be starving when it comes out” are you for real? The people that write these comments are always on private, how tough of you. Karma baby, I always believe in this. I realise that if you allow people to follow you, then you are opening yourself up for all types of comments and criticism. But my point is, if the way someone looks or what they say bothers you so much, DON’T FOLLOW THEM.  Charlotte Dawson recently tweeted -” Declaring “I’m not following you anymore” is about as hurtful as a smack in the arse with a wet wipe. It’s ok kids, it’s ok. ” I retweeted this instantly because that would be exactly what she wanted, if you don’t like, don’t follow, simple!!

In summery, use social media for what it has been created for, positive gain, inspiration, communication and experience. If looking at someone’s photo’s or status updates makes you feel bad about yourself unfollow that person and only look at things that inspire. We are already so busy being busy, so why waste your time sweating on the small stuff.

You are in control.

KB xx







  1. Great blog. A must read for us all to keep some perspective. 🙂

  2. True dat!!!! 😉 xx

  3. Well said Kylie! Keep up the great inspirational work. x Alli

    • Such a great reflection on the good and bad elements of social media. A good lesson for everyone, but especially young women. Thanks Kylie 🙂

  4. Fantastic! Couldn’t agree more. Xx

  5. Great read! So true. You really have a way of reaching out to your readers. Can’t wait for the next one!

  6. This is amazing, hit the nail on the head! Everyone should read this!

  7. Brilliant! This is so well said. We need this post to pop up before we add a new friend, like a new page etc to remind us to remain kind or just don’t add.

  8. A fantastic article!
    Say no to ‘haters’

  9. You are so inspiring Kylie! I love all your blogs and pics! Keep it up xx

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