When the results speak for themselves

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When the results speak for themselves











With Mother’s Day around the corner I thought, what a better time to show my mum’s skin transformation. Mum (Lorraine) first visited the The Skin Centre in July 2015, she received a consultation and a full skin check by leading dermatologist Dr Michael Freeman, safety first. Mum’s skin concerns were pigmentation, sun damage, wrinkles and just wanted to look fresh and rejuvenated. Her first treatment was the removal of a BCC, a type of skin cancer. After that was successfully removed and Dr Freeman was happy with the healing process it was time to start turning back the clock.
Between the 20.10.15 and 23.2.16 mum underwent a series of treatments including Fractionated CO2, Cold Beam, and Dermal Fillers . I personally think the photos say it all!!! There is nothing better than progress pictures. Mum said to me a few weeks after her first treatment ” I think it looks better what do you think?” I could see subtle changes immediately but the best part about the combination of treatments like CO2 is, they keep working and working over months. She looks incredible and is so happy with the results, I personally think my mum looks 15 years younger.


The Skin Centre is all about safety first. We all want a quick fix and to see results overnight but making sure you are receiving the appropriated treatments performed by qualified professional is very important. Even if mum had undergone a full facelift it would not have improved the overall texture, pigmentation and uneven skin tone. Not to mention it was a fraction of the price!!! Dealing with conditions such as pigmentation it is very much a slow and steady approach or it can make the condition worse. It is also about prevention and maintenance, regular skin checks and sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen!!!.


Below is a statement from The Skin Centre detailing their approach to the skin and the importance of safety first.
The Skin Centre is led by Dr Michael Freeman, who has pioneered laser treatment for skin resurfacing, birthmark reduction and more for decades. The group focuses on the best results. But results should never come at the expense of safety. This is a very important point when opting for a stronger treatment such as CO2 laser or injectable fillers, or any treatment for that matter. There are risks with any procedure, even the most basic. Therefore as treatments become more invasive or more complicated, the risk factor increases. The Skin Centre carries out hundreds of procedures each week, ranging from facials to laser resurfacing, excisions, needling and more. With each treatment, safety is at the forefront of the practitioners’ mind. Results are the ultimate goal, and by choosing the correct treatment plan, both can be achieved – a safe and successful result.

For a consultation contact The Skin Centre and check out the website for all the services and treatments available.



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